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Currently, Android owns a lion’s share in the market for mobile phones. Not only has it become cost-effective and handy, but also effective in carrying out different functions at utter ease. One of the popular reasons for it getting connected to the people is the versatility with other platforms.

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In simple words, you can easily connect your Android device to other electronic items and even to other OS. Yes, you heard it right. Now, it has become very easy to listen to your favorite tracks in iTunes on the Android platform. Thus, in our blog of the day, we would be discussing further the tips to achieve it.

Different Ways to transfer Music from iTunes to Android

Transferring songs via Google Play Music

You can use the services of Google Play Music to your complete benefit. The cloud-based services require a stable internet connection for keeping up the repository up to 50000 songs. The same can be played on any device where you sign in using the Gmail credentials.

Go for the given steps to establish this connection:

  1. Open up the Google Play Music website and sign in using Gmail credentials.
  2. Hit on the option to upload music in the left panel of the browser tab.
  3. A prompt would come up to download the music manager from the website. Move ahead with it.
  4. Open up the manager and click on the option to Upload music on Google Play.
  5. The next window asks about the location where the music needs to be shared on Google Play. Hit on the option for iTunes and move ahead with next.
  6. Post scanning and processing, the iTunes library gets added to Google Play.

Thus, by synchronizing your Android with Google Play Music, you can easily gain access to the tracks of iTunes.

Going by the manual method

Under the manual method, you can access the music of iTunes by transferring the library to a PC and then into your Android device. Though it is a time-consuming process, the overall efforts would be worth it.

The following steps would help out in completing the process:

  1. Open up the iTunes app on the PC (Available for both Windows and iOS).
  2. Go to the music tab and select all of those songs that you want to be added to your Android device.
  3. Right-click the mouse and hit on the option of Copy from the drop-down menu.
  4. Paste all of the music files in a separate folder within the PC.
  5. Connect your Android to the PC via USB cable and then transfer the entire folder to it.
  6. In the case of iOS PC, you can use the app of Android File Transfer to complete the process of transfer of the entire folder.
  7. Post success, you can disconnect the USB cable from the PC and then stream the music from iTunes.

Transferring Music from iTunes to Android with the help of Apple Music

Another effortless method of transferring the songs of iTunes to Android is via the Apple Music app. This app is compatible with Android devices and can easily be connected by the credentials of your Apple ID.

Go for these steps to complete the procedure:

  1. Open iTunes on your PC and then go for Edit->Preferences.
  2. Go to the General tab and ensure that the iCloud Music library option is enabled in the window.
  3. You can also update the iCloud music library to synchronize all of the latest songs in the cloud service.
  4. Open up Apple Music on your Android and enter the credentials of Apple ID.
  5. The freshly updated library can be accessed from here and you can easily stream the music from the same.

Music Transfer Through Third Party Apps

You can also choose different third-party apps and softwares to establish the connection for transferring iTunes music. But, be very sure of the reliability of the source and go for it only if any of the above methods do not support your purpose.

With this, we conclude with the tips. Let us know in the comments section of your queries on any of these methods. Hit on like share and subscribe to stay tuned to our channel for more of such blogs.


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