How to Turn off Messages [ DMs] on Discord ?

Want to know how to disable or turn off direct messages on Discord from friends or especially from people whom you don’t know or aware of ? then this article is for. In this post we have explained in a simple manner on how to stop others on Discord from sending your dms [ direct messages].

turn off dms on discord server

Discord servers often offer a fantastic experience, with many vibrant communities dedicated to a wide range of interests.

However, the presence of bot accounts or individuals who disregard proper etiquette can negatively impact the overall experience. These individuals send messages indiscriminately to other server members, leading to annoyance or even ruining someone’s day.

With a simple solution, that too at the click of a mouse you can turn off direct messages from other users on Discord.

To protect against these unwanted messages, it is necessary to change the default setting on Discord, as direct messages are automatically opened when joining a new server.

How to Turn Off Direct Messages on Discord ?

As stated above to disable DSM on discord you need to change the default settings.

The process of changing the setting is straightforward and can be done easily with few clicks on your mouse.

First Go to the Settings and then move on to Privacy & Safety section.

Under Privacy & Safety look for “Server Privacy Defaults“.

The option to Allow direct messages from server members is located near the top of the list. By flipping the toggle to “off”, direct messages will be closed by default when joining a server.

That’s it you have successfully achieved your task stopping other people on Discord from sending you direct messages.

Now another question may come to your mind i.e. is it possible to enable dms on discord after discording it ? Lets see whether it possible or not.

How to Enable / Turn on Direct Messages on Discord ?

However, you can manually enable direct messages for a specific server by right-clicking the server’s icon on desktop and change the privacy settings.

In case of mobile phone, you can do it by tapping the three-dot icon on mobile and accessing Privacy Settings.

With these changes in place, you can once again enjoy secure and controlled direct messaging on Discord. Whether you prefer group chats or additional customizations, you can now get back to using the platform with peace of mind.

For easy understanding and answer few other questions we have listed FAQs on the same topic i.e. ” Turning off dms on Discord Server“. Lets see

What is the objective of disabling direct messages on Discord?
The purpose of disabling direct messages on Discord is to safeguard users’ privacy by blocking unwanted messages from other server members, such as bots or individuals who violate proper protocol.

How can I disable direct messages on Discord?
To disable direct messages on Discord, navigate to Settings > Privacy & Safety, locate Server Privacy Defaults, and turn off the toggle for “Allow direct messages from server members“.

Can I still receive direct messages from certain servers after disabling the feature?
Yes, users can manually enable direct messages from particular servers by accessing the Privacy Settings for that server.

How do I access the Privacy Settings for a specific server on Discord?
On desktop, right-click on the server’s icon in the left navigation bar and select Privacy Settings. On mobile, tap the server’s icon and tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Will disabling direct messages also disable group chats on Discord?
No, disabling direct messages only affects the ability to receive individual direct messages from server members. Group chats will remain accessible.

That’s it from our end. Hope you have gained some knowledge on disabling messages on discord servers. In our future blog posts we will definitely cover more information on Discord server and Tips & Tricks related to it. If you have any queries and suggestions about discord server feel free to drop in the comments section.


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