How to Turn Off my Birthday Notifications on Facebook 2023

When you sign up for your Facebook account, you’ll be asked to input your birthday. Facebook adds this bit in your account. Facebook will notify everyone you know about your birthday automatically.

Your friends will be able to see the date of your birthday, and also get notification about it.

If you don’t want other people or friends on Facebook to know about birthday day and at the same time to if you want Facebook to stop announcing your birthday date through notifications, then this article is for you.

How to Turn Off Facebook Notifications About my Birthday 2023

Login to your Facebook account and move to About Section.

facebook about page

Now Scroll down to “Contact & Basic info” Tab and click on it.

Facebook Contact & Basic info

Here on this page you can find the information related to your birthday i.e. Date & year.

Click on the Edit button next to your Birthday to change the privacy settings.

Here you will 4 options i.e. Public , Friends, Only me & Custom.

If you Choose “Friends” option, your friends on Facebook can see you birthday date and they will get notifications about your birthday date.

Similarly if you make birthday settings to “Public” , every one on Facebook can see your birthday date.

If you choose “Custom” option , you can include or exclude few friends on Facebook who can see your Birthday date.

If you don’t want any person on any Friend on Facebook to know about birthday then choose “Only Me” in settings.

facebook only me

With simple tweak you can stop Facebook notifications about your birthday. Make your birthday date private or “Only Me” on Facebook About Section. Your friends won’t get notified about your birthday.


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