How to Turn off Safari Pop Up Blocker on iOS Devices ?

For the safety concerns : The world of the internet is full of dark users who just want to siphon off someone else’s finances. They keep on devising tools and techniques to lure the users into falling into their traps and then taking out the sensitive information subtly. One of such methods followed by them is pop-ups.

Pop-ups can come in the forms of ads, notices, offers, alerts, and other notifications that often come in the device browsers. In the case of Mac, they come up posing as some executive from Apple and then ask for sensitive information to resolve the queries. Lack of awareness can lead to such mistakes by many of the users.

Thus, for safety, the default browser of MacBook i.e. Safari has kept an option for pop-up blocker. Read more to know about it and how could you go for certain exceptions in it.

How to Check Safari Whether Safari Pop-up blocker is enabled or not ?

You can easily check on your MacBook if the Safari pop-up blocker has been activated or not. Just follow the steps given below to do so:

  1. Open up your iOS laptop device and launch Safari.
  2. Go to Settings->Preferences.
  3. It would open up the page that displays the option to block a certain number or all of the pop-ups coming into the device.
  4. On the Security tab, you can hit on fraudulent site warnings to alert you in case of any such website coming on the browser.

Allowing a single website to by-pass Pop-up Blocker

Let’s say that you want to access a certain website and it is not getting displayed due to the MacBook identifying it as a potential pop-up. If you are very sure about the authenticity of the website, then you can always select it to by-pass the blocker. Follow the steps given below to execute the process:

  1. Visit the website that you would like to unblock from the Safari blocker.
  2. Go to Safari->Preferences.
  3. At the top window, select the option for Websites and then go to Pop-Up Windows on the left side of the screen.
  4. When the website gets listed in it, it would ask you to choose out of either option of Block and Notify , Block and Allow.
  5. Hit on Allow and the website would get opened in Safari.

Turning off the Blocker permanently

If you want to shut down the safari pop-up blocker permanently, as it is not allowing you to view the legitimate websites also, then the process is very simple. Just go for the steps mentioned below:

  1. Launch Safari on your MacBook.
  2. Go to Settings->Preferences on the browser.
  3. In the next window that comes after the selection, go to the Security icon present at the top bar.
  4. Ensure over here that the option of ‘Block pop-up windows’ is unselected and then click on confirm.
  5. Close the window and relaunch the browser to see the changes.

Be very sure before going for this step, as it can turn out to be a potential threat for your device.

Alternate Way to Disable pop-up blocker

Alternatively, you can follow the given steps also to deactivate the pop-up blocker:

  • From Utilities of the MacBook, launch the Terminal app.
  • Type the following in it to deactivate the blocker instantaneously:

Defaults write -bool true

  • Press enter and the settings would change automatically on the device.

Thus, you learned the different ways of configuring the pop-up blocker on Safari. Write back to us in case of further queries or suggestions.


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