How to Turn Off / Turn on Touch Screen on ChromeBook ?

Chromebook Touchscreen : In the world of keyboards and keypads, the touchscreen has come up as a gift to many. Imagine how convenient would it get once things come under your control and all that you would need to do is touch the screen and get the commands or texts executed. With this principle in mind, now a major chunk of the devices has integrated the facility and even Chromebooks come into this category. As a customer delighter, the developers have included easy toggling between turning on and off the touchscreen feature on the Chromebook. Our content for the day would be about detailing on this customer delighter.

Prerequisite to Turn off / On Touch Screen on Chromebook

Before going deeper into this topic, we need to ensure that there is a major pre-requisite for the entire process and it is that your Chrome OS version needs to be 48 or higher. It can easily be checked by going to the Google Chrome in your device and then going to Menu–>Help–>About Google Chrome. In the case of the lower version, you need to upgrade your OS to 48 or higher first and then go for the upcoming steps.

How to Disable the touchscreen on Chromebook?

The following are the steps that you need to follow to turn off the touchscreen feature on the Chromebook:

  1. Open up your Google Chrome.
  2. Open up a new tab by clicking on the plus icon near the current tab or using the shortcut of Ctrl+ T.
  3. Type the path that is mentioned over here in the address bar, without keeping any spaces:


  • Press enter and you would open up the list of options for debugging your Chromebook.
  • Search for debugging keyboard shortcuts and you would find it in the list displayed on the screen.
  • Enable this option and it would activate the control of your Chromebook keyboard via certain shortcuts.
  • Finally, restart your system and you would find the touchscreen to be disabled once you log in into the system.

So in this way you can easily turn off the touchscreen option.

How to Enable the Chromebook touchscreen?

If you need to turn on the touchscreen option, then you can follow all of the steps mentioned above and instead of enabling the option of debugging keyboard shortcuts, you can disable it and restart the system.

Alternatively, the shortcut way of toggling between the on and off system would be Search+ Shift+ T. Use this combination first to turn off the feature and then again to turn it on. Hence the cycle keeps repeating and you get the easiest trick of doing your entire work.

Therefore, we summed up very well how to toggle between this feature. If you are habituated of using an external mouse, then it is better to turn off the touchscreen and save a significant amount of battery power.

Just remember to keep the Chrome OS updated at regular intervals and you can enjoy better upgrades on it that might be rolled out soon by Google. Like, share, and subscribe to our blog to get updated on tech-savvy topics.


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