How to Turn Off & Turn On Safesearch on Google ?

If you are not aware of what Safesearch is , then please do go through below lines to know what exactly is Google Safesearch and why it has gained so much importance.

What is Google Safesearch ?

Safesearch is a feature designed by Search Engine Behemoth like Google to filter explicit results from showing up in the search results. Safesearch Service is available on both desktop and mobile platforms [ Android & iOS].

With Safesearch you can effortlessly block all the unwanted search results i.e. images, documents, movie’s etc which are ill-suited to kids, children and youth. Google has designed an algorithm, to occlude unsuitable results from displaying on your child’s device.

In the process of making your Child safe from undesirable  search results, Safesearch service may sometimes block useful websites which you browse often [especially documents & images with adult keywords ].

So you need to have good knowledge of how to turn on & turn off Google Safe Search. Along with that Safesearch has another unique feature, which you should be aware of.

Safesearch on a browser or device can be locked on. So if you or anyone using the Computer wants’ to Turn off Safesearch on a browser, you or they need to unlock it first by entering the password.

This additional feature can guard your Child while browsing the internet by filtering the explicit search results and at the same time you can easily bypass the safesearch to view complete search results.

Why is it Necessary to Enable Google Safe Search ?

Internet can provide access to all kinds of content for free. Without a proper filter it is obvious, you may encounter some unsuitable content while browsing the internet using Google Search.

Your freedom to get free information from internet should be secured and restricted. Otherwise you may come across much weird, unpleasant, disgusting and terrible information. As a matured person this data may not cause any harm to you, but for your children this won’t be good. So it is ideal to block improper information from popping up while your children are browsing the internet.

So let’s nosedive into the topic i.e. how to activate Google Safe Search on your Browser.

How to Turn on Safesearch on Google ?

Enabling Safesearch on Google is almost similar for desktop & mobile devices. Anyway we are going to cover both the ways to turn on safesearch on your chrome browser.

Turn on Google Safe Search on Your Desktop [ Chrome Browser ]

You can enable Safesearch on chrome browser, with/without logging into your gmail account.

Open Google Chrome Browser and enter in the address bar.

Now type any keyword for which you are looking information for. Here I am typing “Techimaze” [ it is our blog’s domain name].

Look for the settings option, in the search results page. Just look at the below image to know exact location of search settings.

Google safesearch

Now click on search on Settings. A dropdown menu will popup, where you can see multiple options like search settings, hide explicit results etc.

For your easy understanding we have shared the image, just have a glance.

safesearch settings

You can directly click on “Hide Explicit Results” to block unwanted search results from showing up.

Or you can click on “Search Settings” option, which would navigate you to “Safe Search Filters”.

Safesearch filters

Just check the box to Activate Safesearch filter on your browser and click on the save button at the end of the page. You have successfully enabled safesearch on your chrome Browser.

Turn on Safesearch on Mobile

Turning on Safesearch on a Mobile device is similar to that of desktop. Visit on your mobile browser and click on 3 parallel horizontal lines on the top left.

Tap on the settings option and then click on “Filter Explicit Results”.


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