How to Unblur an Image,Photo or Picture ?

Compromising on the quality : For all of the photography lovers out there, it is very important to get the perfect shot. Not only does it define the skills of the taker, but also creates a good chain of memories in the name of capturing the moment. And mind you, the task of clicking photos is not that easy as it seems.

It is important to know the perfect methods of using a camera, but it is equally significant to post-process them and convert them into the format that the world can witness. One of the serious issues that the photographers face is unnecessary blurring. It can be caused by reasons as follows:

  1. The camera lens not getting under the right focus.
  2. Subject moving out just before the perfect shot is about to be clicked.
  3. Shallow depth of field of the lens.
  4. Improper lighting conditions during the click.

But do not worry, there are some tools available that can help out in clearing the unnecessary blurs. The blog of the day discusses further on this topic.

Best Tools / Software to Unblur an Image or Photo

Using Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Paint is a handy tool that comes into mind when someone thinks about editing the pictures. To be more precise, its Unsharp Mask feature aids in removing out the blurs from the pictures. Go for the steps mentioned below to do so:

  1. Launch Microsoft Paint on your system and open the image that needs to be edited on it.
  2. Click on the buttons of Layer and Duplicate on the screen to start building up the layers of mask.
  3. After the first layer is put, it asks for an Adjust dialog box. It consists of the options to control clipping, radius, and strength of the mask (that in turn defines the pixels and strength of unblurring).
  4. Using the Unsharp Mask option, adjust the opacity till you reach out to the required point of clarification.
  5. Go for Layer Selection->Merge->Merge All Flatten to finally render the edit on the image.

Using Adobe Photoshop

How can we forget the popular photo processing tool, that is responsible for creating magic out of the shots and making them win reputed photography awards! Go for the following steps to complete the process:

  1. Open up the image in the Photoshop environment.
  2. Duplicate the background layer.
  3. Use up the options of Filter, Other, and High Pass on it to set the parameters at the lower end.
  4. Adjust the opacity and blend until you find the output clarity to be satisfactory.

Alternatively, there are two other methods of using up the platform, as follows:

  1. Using up Photoshop elements like Unsharp Mask and Enhance (To adjust the radius and clarity).
  2. Using up the tool of shake reduction (rolled out in later versions of the software).


You can also go for editing the blurred images on your respective mobile phones. And what’s better than going for Snapseed, the official app from Google. You can use its sharpening feature to resolve the issue. Go for the steps given below:

  1. Open up the image on Snapseed and hit on the option for details.
  2. Go for Sharpen->Unblur.
  3. As an additional, you can also use the feature of Structure to adjust the detailing of the image.

Download Snapseed app from Play Store

Taking up the path less taken

The Internet is full of surprises and the same thing can also be observed in this case. You can also refer to different other online tools on both browsers and respective app stores. Just remember to have a look at their description and ratings before moving ahead with downloads and subsequent usage.

Thus, with all of these ways, you can perfectly remove the blurs from your pictures and make masterpieces out of them. Write back to us in the comments section to clear out the queries. Till then, stay tuned to our channel for more of such informative content.


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