How to Unfollow a Person on Instagram without Using Third Party Unfollow Apps?

Instagram is one of the most downloaded Apps which stands next Facebook, Facebook Messenger & Whatsapp. With Over 1 Billion downloads, Instagram has become addiction for Techies, Social Media Users & Celebrities.

With its growing popularity, a lot of new attributes are added to Instagram on regular basis which in turn has been increasing its user base.

Most of the Users who joined Instagram recently without any knowledge of how Social media works, keeps on following all users who they came across like celebrities, friends, relatives and few unknown people.

After spending few months on Instagram, People become aware of the situation i.e. few of the Instragram users whom they have followed earlier are not active now and some of them are posting inappropriate and unimportant content which is of no use.

Now they are looking to Unfollow all those users who are inoperative & posting irrelevant content. If you want to unfollow a specific person on Instagram, effortlessly you can do it.

Simply go to the Profile section of the Instagram User and click on the unfollow button.

But this is not the exact situation here. Without your conscious knowledge you have followed thousands of users, and unfollowing each of them manually is a monotonous task.

There are many Thirdparty Apps which are designed to Unfollow Instagram Users Automatically just by tapping your finger. Reports+ for Instagram, Unfollowgram, Unfollowers for Instagram are few of the Instagram Unfollow tools which acquire enormous popularity.

But the purpose of this article is to let you know the Trick to unfollow inactive users on Instagram in the absence of Thirdparty unfollow tools.

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Following Categories on Instagram [ Gives you Unfollow Recommendations ]

Instagram has recently launched a new update named as “Following Category” which automatically splits the users into two categories based on how often you interact with them.

And the Instagram New Categories are

  1. Most Seen in the Feed
  2. Least Interacted with

Accounts which posts content on daily basis are shown in Most seen in the feed category and the accounts with minimum interaction are shown in “Least Interacted with” category.

How to Unfollow Someone on Instagram without using Thirdparty Unfollow Apps ?

First Open Instagram App on your Mobile Phone and Click on profile Option which you  can find at the bottom right of the application.

Here you can see two options 1) Followers 2) Following

Tap on the “Following” option, to see the categories i.e. “Least Interacted with” and “Most Shown in the feed”.

If your target is remove the inactive users from your list then tap on “Least Interacted with” option. Tapping on “Least Interacted with” option will provide you the list of Instagram users with whom your interaction is very low for the last 90 days.

With all the Users list in your hand, it is now very simple to unfollow them.

If you want to unfollow users who are posting inappropriate content, then tap  on “Most shown in the feed” option.

That’s it. We have covered complete details on how to Unfollow Instagram Followers through Suggestions generated by New Categories feature.

You need not depend on any third party App from play store or apple store to Unfollow Users on Instagram.

If you have any Queries or Suggestions on “Unfollowing Instagram Followers” Please do Let Us know in the comments section.


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