How to Use Snapchat on Your PC Windows 10

Ever since its launch in 2012, the photo messaging app, Snapchat has taken the world by storm. Using this app, you can send videos, messages, and snaps to any other individual or groups. The app stands out amongst all its competitors in having flamboyant filters which enhances your images to a great degree. You can even add captions and doodles.

Another unique feature of the app is its facility to let you share your most secret and sensitive shots or videos. This happens as the image or clip shared within a group gets automatically deleted after 10 seconds. The only way another person can save that image is by taking its screenshot from their smartphone. The same goes for conversations.

The app is meant for use exclusively with mobiles, specifically on the Android and iOS platforms. It lacks a web version. It is available in 22 different languages, another reason for its popularity. But with its ever-growing popularity of over 150 million users; many crave to use it on their Windows and Mac desktop and laptop. This is made possible by using emulators that are software packages which create a mobile-like atmosphere on your computer and helps you use the app. We would detail out the step-by-step guide for you to enjoy Snapchat on your Windows computer. Stay hooked!

How to Use Snapchat on a PC ?

As already stated, we would need to use an emulator for the purpose. Bluestacks is the best emulator available that can convert the mobile application package into formats that the Windows and Mac operating system will recognize. The steps to be followed are:

  • Browse to the website and download the emulator on your PC or Mac system as an APK file. Android and Mac system files will be different.
  • Next, run the file on your system and install the software. During installation, you will be asked to sync your Google account with Bluestacks so that you can launch any Android application.
  • Once the installation is complete; double click and open the application.
  • Browse to its Play Store; search and download the Snapchat application.
  • Return to Bluestacks and click on the icon, ‘My Apps.’
  • Locate Snapchat and double-click on the icon to install it. Follow all prompts on the screen to complete the installation.
  • Now, return to the Blue Stacks home screen and verify the Snapchat icon under ‘My Apps’ tab.
  • When you double click on it, the Snapchat application will open and you can instantly get going. You can ‘Log in’ if you already have an account. Else, you can click on ‘Sign Up’ and create your account. You are ready to enjoy the app now.
  • For pictures and videos, you can allow the webcam to be accessed by the application. Else, you can also connect a good camera to the system.

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Bluestacks Snapchat Not Working

Sometimes, when you try to install and use Snapchat with the method above; you get an error message that the version of Bluestacks does not support Snapchat. This is because the updated version of the emulator does not support the application. Additionally, Snapchat has also made a few modifications to curb its ability to run on emulators. The workaround solutions for it are:

  1. Try using a previous version of Bluestacks to resolve the issue.
  2. Install Casper, an application that makes your emulator invisible to Snapchat and boycotts the seeming restriction. For it, download it from Bluestacks play Store and Install its APK file from the Bluestacks menu. Post-installation, open Casper and install Snapchat from it. It should work.
  3. You can try using the beta version of Snapchat. Various updates are tested on this application before they are made official. For it, log into your Snapchat account and click on ‘Settings.’ Click on ‘Advanced’ and then select ‘Join Snapchat Beta.’ Follow the download and installation of the beta version of Snapchat. The issue should be resolved now.

Snapchat Login Temporarily Failed

Sometimes you might face this login error with Bluestacks. If you get this error message:

  • Ensure that you are using the free official application download from Play Store. This makes certain that the Snapchat usage does not get unnecessarily interrupted.
  • Verify that a valid Google account is connected to Snapchat.
  • Verify that the system’s time and date settings are correct and updated.

Direct Login to Snapchat Using ARC Welder

By this method, you can log into your Snapchat account directly from the Google Chrome browser without using any emulator or any other Windows Program. The only thing you need to install is the ARC Welder Plugin. Developed to test the APK files without using any emulator; the plugin is the new Android simulator for Chrome. The extension can flawlessly replicate the Android screen on PC using the keyword and mouse. The steps to be followed are:

  • Go to the site and add the Arc Welder extension to Chrome.
  • Next, go to chrome://apps/ and open Arc Welder extension.
  • A Welcome page will open. Click on the tab, ‘Choose’ that is at the bottom of the page.
  • Choose its Directory.
  • Next, go its ‘Test Your App’ Section and click on ‘Add your APK.’
  • Select the Snapchat downloaded apk file from your device and click on ‘Test.’
  • You will now get the Snapchat app as a pop up in the new window. You can use from there or chrome://apps/, the next time you wish to use it.

Get Snapchat On PC Using Android Emulator, Manymo

Another Android emulator that you can consider using is Manymo which facilitates running of several Android-based applications on it. The biggest advantage of this emulator is that it requires no download to your system. Instead, you need to create an account on Manymo and merely sign in to your account to use any of the Android-based applications. It also requires a valid Google Play account and a mobile number. The steps to be followed here are:

  • From your PC, sign up for Google Play and download the Snapchat application from it and save it in your computer as an APK file.
  • Next, upload the file to your Manymo emulator.
  • Open Manymo on your PC and run the sign-up process to finish creating your account with it.
  • You get the option of both free and paid versions. You can choose one to your liking.
  • Now, launch Manymo and log in with your username and password.
  • Now, find the Snapchat.apk file on your PC and download and install it. It will launch the Snapchat application on the online emulator. You can log in to your account and start using Snapchat.

Wrapping Up

We hope that you are now successfully able to use the Snapchat on your Pc using any of the methods mentioned above. In case you encounter any difficulties or have your experiences to share, simply chime in below! Till then, Happy Snapping!


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