What Does Pending mean on Snapchat ?

Just like the other popular social media handles, Snapchat is also trying its level best to create the ultimate breakthrough in its category of apps. Coming out of the basic picture of customized filters, it is currently under the pipeline to combine the concepts of the likes of TikTok and turn out to be a platform for posting customized video content as well.

Amidst all of these, it is also important for the users to understand the different terminologies of the platform and their significance during usage. One such option is the concept of Pending. Thus, in our blog of the day, we would be discussing further details on it.

Understanding the concept : Pending on Snapchat

Whenever you see the concept of pending on any of your messages or Snaps in the app, it points directly to the fact of unseen or unsent messages. In simple words, the receiver has not taken any action on the sent content and there is nothing that can be done at your side to remove the tag.

Some of the things that can happen to post this include the following:

  1. The receiver would get the notification of someone sharing a pending message to his or her tab. Based on the nature of the content, he or she can choose to either continue with the conversation or delete your friend request.
  2. The sender would never be able to know if the receiver read his or her message and even deleted the request. The same would be intimated only when the request is accepted from the other end.

Inferences from the pending tag

The following list of reasons enlist the inferences that can be made out of the tag:

  1. It refers to the primary fact that the person has not accepted your friend request yet. Just like Facebook, this platform also works on the concept of friend requests and thus the tag would stay until the receiver accepts the request and chooses to continue the conversation.
  2. It can also mean that the receiver has blocked you from witnessing any of his or her contents. It can further be clarified by other signs, like not able to see the profile picture of the receiver, unable to use other tools to contact them, or even check different parameters of the platform.
  3. Even if the sender and receiver are friends and have been communicating with each other for a long time, the tag might come up. In this case, it can point towards the slow internet connection on either of the sides. Thus, the perfect troubleshooting for this can either be resetting the internet connection or closing the app and then relaunching the same.
  4. If any of these inferences do not work, then there are very high chances that the receiver has deleted the Snapchat account after you sent the message or Snap. So, the tag would stay forever and may get removed after the person comes back into the platform.

How long does Pending tag stay?

The period for which the pending tag stays on the message is not defined by the platform. It solely depends upon the receiver and his or her intention to reciprocate the message. Sometimes, it can last for a few hours and otherwise, it can stay forever on the list.

However, any pending Snaps stay in history for a maximum of 30 days. After this, the platform deletes the same permanently and the receiver would not be able to witness the content.

Is the feature helpful?

Yes, this feature is highly helpful in filtering out the users of Snapchat and reduce the cases of abuse, harassment, or other malicious work on social media platforms. The user stays aloof of spam or threatening messages and can independently choose to take strict actions against such senders.

Therefore, the content sums up pretty well on the concept. If any of these methods do not work, then the user can always refer to the Help Centre of Snapchat to clear out the queries and receive the activity history.

Do let us know if you have any queries on the topic. Till then, stay safe and keep subscribed to our channel.


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