What Does “WYO” means on Snapchat ?

WYO meaning on Snapchat : WYO is a popular word, not only on Snapchat however, but also across a variety of various social platforms. If you’re in this circle, we’ve got what you should know about it is.

When using Snapchat it is likely that you’ve seen a range of abbreviations and slang terms whether in direct messages or in public stories that are posted on the app.

These terms don’t usually originate on Snapchat however, they are widely used extensively across other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and many others.

WYO is a term that’s commonly used on Snapchat However, if aren’t sure what it is you may have wondered what it meant if you were told about it in a direct text message.

What is WYO and What does WYO mean on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, as well as different platforms WYO is often used to mean “What You’re On” The phrase is often used to ask someone if they have any plans for that day or at an exact time. Someone might use this expression to get together with someone and are looking to determine if they’re available.

“WYO” or “What You On‘ can be utilized in a similar way as ‘What are you up to?’ or ‘What’re you doing or doing?’, which can aid in understanding the significance.

“What Are You On” can additionally be utilized to inquire what the intentions of someone is and there are a variety of scenarios in which the phrase is used.

Snapchat is an extremely well-known social media platforms of the moment. It allows you to send timed messages as well as snaps, which allows you to keep in touch to your family and friends without putting personal data at risk. Snapchat has built a solid community of users which makes use of short-form videos to create new content.

It’s not just that, the platform also comes with an array of acronyms for everyday words to make it easier to talk to one another. If you’ve used Snapchat for a while , you’ve probably seen WYO.

What is the meaning of WYO?

The acronym WYO which can mean ‘What are you doing‘. This is a term used by people to inquire of one another about their plans and to ask if they’d like to have a chat in the course of the day. WYO generally is used with acquaintances to discuss plans. It is particularly aimed at you when you’re on holiday or taking a leave from job.


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