What Exactly is Google Jamboard ? [ Google Jamboard Tutorial ]

Google Jamboard

Google Jamboard is an innovative tool that lets teachers communicate with their students through similar whiteboard experiences, but digitally.

Jamboard is also digitally accessible as an app , so it’s compatible with phones, tablets as well as other gadgets. It can also be used on the internet using Google Drive so it is extremely accessible.

Google Jamboard Salient features ?

Jamboard is a web-based collaborative whiteboard. It offers students a wide range of work space to be creative.

Collaboration in real time

You can share your jam session with your collaborators, regardless of whether they’re using an iPad such as a mobile app or a web browser.
Anyone in 50 sessions of users are able to work on the jam simultaneously. If you’re using a browser on the web each Jamboard browser tab is considered the session.

By using a Jamboard device you can:

Draw and write with the stylus that comes with.
Search Google and add images or websites.
Move and change the size of text and images using your fingers. Apart from this there are many other salient features you can enjoy with Jamboard.

With Google Drive

With a Jamboard device mobile application or internet browsers, you are able to include Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to your jam.

Since the jam files are saved automatically to Drive You are able to view and modify your jams from any location using an internet connection. The jams you create are saved immediately.

You can Host video meetings with Jamboard.

With Jamboard you can Work on any device.

How to use Google Jamboard ? What is Google Jamboard Used for ?

Jamboard is an excellent method of working through material with students. This can be accomplished via the app remotely, or even using multiple devices to integrate Google Meet, as if you were in the same room.

Google Jamboard is most useful for Teachers and Students in classroom.

Google Jamboard is also a excellent tool to integrate to Google Classroom since it is capable of utilizing Google Drive materials that are probably already in use by teachers who use Classroom.

To access Jamboard just sign in to your Google account or sign-up for free. After that, you are in Google Drive select the “+” icon, then scroll downwards to “More” near the top. Then, scroll down to choose “Google Jamboard.”

Alternately, you can download the app on iOS, Android, or by downloading the web application for Jamboard. Make a Jam, and then add up to 20 pages in each Jam, which can be shared with 50 students simultaneously in real-time.

Google Jamboard Alternatives

Google invented the digital whiteboard application to facilitate meeting in the office or via virtual meetings. Jamboard allows you to present your ideas, brainstorm and collaborate on projects.

In Google Docs users are able to edit the Word document simultaneously. In Jamboard users have the ability to modify images and insert text and upload documents to an online blank page.

Like many applications, Jamboard lacks several functionalities and is a bit generic Here are a few of the best Jamboard alternatives for improving collaboration.

Miro , Zoom Whiteboard ,ClickUp Whiteboard ,Microsoft Whiteboard, Conceptboard ,Witeboard, Mural ,Prezi ,Ziteboard

How to Create a Jam ?

To make a brand new Jam you must log to the Jamboard app online, either through using the application, or by using physically Jamboard hardware.

With the board hardware it is enough to tap the screen when in screensaver mode in order to create the new Jam.

Mobile users can launch the app and click on the “+” to get a brand new Jam to get started.

When you’re using the internet-based online platform, launch the Jamboard application and get the “+” that can be clicked to set up your new Jam up and up and running.

The Jam will be saved to your account and it can be modified whenever you want to.

Hope we have given updated and complete information on Google Jamboard. If you have any queries please do let us know in the comments section.


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