What is the File Extension “AAE” and How to Open it ?

Working in a separate environment : The world of iOS is very different from the others and often creates a lot of mismatches with others. A file that opens easily on any of the Apple devices may not open when you migrate it to Windows or Android world. With time, all of these issues are getting sorted out and there is still a long way to go for this.

One of the very common issues that have been experienced by Windows users is the images with the extension of AAE. This format is seen very commonly in the Apple devices and is hence easily recognized over there. But when it comes to other environments, the icon shows to be a dead one.

But, there is nothing to worry about it, as we have got all of these covered. The blog of the day elucidates further on this extension and details on the ways to open it.

What is AAE File Extension ?

. AAE files are native to the Apple world and refer to the saved edits made on any image in either of these devices (like iPad, iPhone, MacBook to name a few). As a result, such files can only be opened within the Apple environment and would raise issues of incompatibility to the likes of Windows or Android.

The edits made in the images can be deleted without going for the original file to open up the file, but in the process, you would lose the top-notch editing skills of Apple. Thus, with time, alternative steps have also been developed to support these.

How to Open .AAE File in Other Environment ?

Luckily, there are a good number of applications in other places that can aid in opening up the .AAE files. Some of these include the following:

  1. Microsoft Notepad or other text editor tools for the Windows systems.
  2. Any of the available text editors in the Linux environment.
  3. Apple Text Edit or Apple Photos in the iOS devices.

One of the advantageous things in the entire process is that these files can also be saved in XML formats, that are identified easily by the text editors of the other platforms.

How can this be done?

While editing on Apple devices, the majority of the work is done in Photoshop to render the best quality of the raw image. Thus, any editings made on it can get saved. AAE format and the users are also given the options to save it as XML type.

Later, while exporting the image as JPEG to Windows, these XML files would also get transferred with it. Taking that as a reference, the text editors would be able to access the edits easily and hence the processed image can be opened up in the different environments. 

Convert .AAE to JPEG Format

The conversion to JPEG type can be done easily by a good number of third party softwares present on the web. Just go for the steps of import, create the output folder, select the output extension, and then export the finalized types.

The entire process gets seamless, only when you select the finest quality of the software. Therefore, ensure a proper selection of the same.

With this, we conclude on our take of opening up the files .AAE extension. Let us know of your queries in the comments section and we would get those answered at the earliest.


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