What does Highlighted Comment Mean on Youtube ?

Youtube is one of the popular platforms that is used by all of the age groups. It has metamorphosed from being a simple website that streams videos to a one-stop solution for all social media aspects. New artists gain a new platform to connect with their target audience and reach the required numbers of the billboard.

Highlighted Comment on Youtube

Not only this, but several accessory tools on the platform also aid in carrying out the different tasks at utter ease. One of the pivotal ones is the concept of Highlighted comments. Thus, our blog of the day discusses in detail it and how could it be helped to setup the perfect communication with your audience.

Understanding the concept : Highlighted Comment

The highlighted comment in Youtube refers to any comment in the channel that gets pinned to the notifications tab of the uploader. In simple terms, out of a chain of comments on the video, the uploader can view this one on a priority and then take action accordingly.

If you are a professional artist, then your Youtube channel would be synchronized with the Youtube Studio account. Based on the settings in it, any comment that meets the guidelines gets selected as a Highlighted comment and the uploader receives a notification about it by email.

As a result, it becomes very easy for you to search for valuable feedback out of the sea of comments and take the actions accordingly. Similarly, there is also a concept of highlighted reply that would not be discussed in detail over here.

Highlighted Comment Features

The following list defines the helpful features that summarize the usability of this concept:

  1. The comment displays the Highlighted flag only when it is opened after notification from either email or Youtube channel.
  2. The highlighted tag is not visible to the entire public and stays confidential to the uploader. It gets visible to others only if they also received notification from email.
  3. The tool is very helpful and handy in selecting out the perfect comments that can help out in improvising the channel and its updated videos.
  4. The replies made to it can also get highlighted as Highlighted Reply if it meets the required guidelines.
  5. Any highlighted comment can also be deleted or removed from the flag by changing the URL.
  6. Only the person whose comment is highlighted receives the option for the highlighted reply.

Pinned Comment

Pinned Comment

Another extension of Highlighted Comment is Pinned comment. It is the case when the uploader indeed liked your feedback and wants the same to be shared with other public viewers for easy information. With this, the comment becomes the first to be appearing on the top and the viewers can easily access it.

Also as defined earlier, you can select to remove the flag from any comment. Just remove the part in the URL that begins with &Ic and hit on enter to make it enter into the default state.

Thus, the tool is indeed helpful for the successful channels and artists that receive a humongous amount of comments and want to filter them out effectively for continuous improvement. Write back to us in case of any further queries. Till then, stay tuned to the channel for more of such informative blogs.


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