What is Spotify Pie ? How to See Spotify Pie Chart ?

The majority of us are familiar with Spotify Wrapped, the company’s annual review that showcases the best tracks, artists and genres you’ve heard in the last year.

In the year 2022 a new trend was started on Social Media i.e. “Spotify Pie Chart” .It involves users sharing an image of their most popular Spotify music genres as well as artists. The breakdown is far more detailed than the standard genre categories and can provide intriguing insight into your music habits.

Spotify Pie” is the latest popular website that analyzes the details of your Spotify data.

Spotify Pie Chart

What is the Spotify Pie Chart?

Spotify Pie analyzes your Spotify listening habits and organizes it into an easily shareable pie chart that lists every genre that you’ve heard in the past month. The website does not only show your top genres that you’ve been listening to but also highlights your top artists from the month beneath the colourful chart. The site was designed by UCLA student Darren Huang and the clever tagline reads “Bake your monthly genre pie.”

Spotify pie Chart

Spotify Pie utilizes the way Spotify categorizes every song into a specific genre.

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How can you access the Spotify Pie Chart ?

To utilize Spotify Pie you need to permit it access to your Spotify data.

Go to Spotify Pie’s on Github and Click on the “Login to Spotify” button to sign up with you Spotify account.

If the login screen pops up type in the details of your Spotify account’s username as well as password, then hit”Log in” button to log in to your account.

If you are presented with a permission request prompt, simply click”Agree” to proceed .This is necessary for Spotify to be able to access your Spotify listening activities.

Spotify Pie will now generate an interactive pie chart that highlights the top music genres in your collection and the top artists of these genres. Scrolling down the site will reveal an overview of your most popular artists from different genres. You can look over my pie chart below.

Third-party tools you can use analyze Spotify Listening History

1.) StatsforSpotify: It shows your most-loved tracks, artists, and genres from the past six months.

Obscurify : It’ll inform you of the popularity of your musical tastes are.

Pudding.cool [ How Bad is Streaming Music ?] : As the name implies the tool will roast you if you’re not good at music selection & music listening.

That’s it from our side about pie Chart & How to find your Spotify Pie chart. Along with that we have listed out few other online tools through which you can analyze your spotify music listening history.


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