Windows Snipping Tool Keyboard Shortcuts 2022 [ Ultimate Guide ]

Do you need to take a quick screen shot on your computer? If yes, Windows’ built-in Snipping Tool is an easy mouse click away. The tool allows you to take pictures in various shapes and lets you modify the images.

Windows Snipping Tool is a free tool which can be used to capture screenshots in a number of ways.

The earlier versions of Windows did not come with specific shortcuts. But, Microsoft has released a keyboard shortcut in the most recent editions of the Windows operating system.

There is no requirement to install any additional third-party application to take a picture.

What Is The Windows Snipping Tool?

For an Windows program that’s been available since more than a decade , plenty of people don’t even know that it exists. It’s an easy, simple to use, and screenshot tool. It is able to capture a whole window or just a rectangle portion on your display, or even use it to create freeforms things around and then capture that unique designed area of your screen.

Windows Snipping tool

The latest version also includes a delay feature. This makes it much easier to record pop-outs and right-click menus.

Windows Snipping Tool delay time

You can capture the image and write notes or draw sketches on it to emphasize what you’d like to display. Sharing it is also easy. You can simply copy or paste the information into an word document or email, or send directly to someone using The Snipping Tool.

Click Windows+Shift+S to open the Snipping Tool on Windows 10 or Windows 11 With a Windows Keyboard Shortcut. [ Snipping Tool Command ]

Snipping Tool can take rectangular regions, full-screen screenshots or screenshots of a particular window and freeform snapshots. You can also draw over an image before saving it.

Windows Snipping tool modes

When you press these keys, the screen will darken, signalling that the tool is in use. In the upper right-hand corner on your display, you’ll have five icons.

Rectangular Snip : It is the default choice and will capture your images in a rectangular format.
Freeform Snip : If you’d like capture images in a freeform manner choose this option.
Window Snip : This feature captures the whole window of an application that is running on your PC.
Fullscreen Snip : This will capture the entire screen, which includes the open windows, and your taskbar too.
Closing Snipping : If you do not want to capture a screenshot then click this button to shut down the program.

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows’ Snipping Tool :

Alongside having an option to open the keyboard using a shortcut key for Snipping Tool You also have numerous shortcuts that allow you to access the tools available.

Here are some useful Keyboard shortcuts to utilize when the Snipping Tool is open:

Keyboard Shortcuts for Snipping Tool

CTRL+N -> This is used to take another screenshot.
Ctrl+S – >to take a snapshot of your latest screen shot in the desired folder and file format use this shortcut.
Ctrl+C -> This copies your current screen into your clipboard.
Ctrl+P -> Print your screen with this option.

Screen Snip Shortcut in conjunction with using the Snipping Tool makes things simpler. The two tools, Snipping Tool as well as Snip & Sketch, which can be used to create pictures of your computer’s screen, are included in Windows 10.

Screen captures are an excellent way to tell a tale. They can be used to help another person or asking for assistance, or sharing something that’s interesting or humorous screen captures can be great.

Do you have any great screen capture techniques or other tools or Softwares to share with us ? We’d be delighted to hear about them by leaving a comment below. Hope you liked the article on Windows Snipping tool shortcuts and Hotkeys.


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