What is Wish.com ? Is Wish Legit & Reliable ? Is it Safe to Shop Online on Wish ?

E-commerce websites have been taking up significant positions in consumers’ lives. When compared to the scene about a decade ago, there would hardly be anyone in today’s time who would prefer going to the physical market to buy some stuff. Be it any brand that you wish for, you would be able to get your hands on it with few clicks on the keypad.

One of such websites from this domain is wish.com. The very special fact about this website is that it offers very cheap deals on a wide range of items that are otherwise expensive on the other e-commerce sites. Thus, in our blog of the day, we would be discussing further on this.

What is Wish.com platform ?

What is wish.com

Wish.com is one of the e-commerce platforms that connect the sellers to the shoppers on a wide range of products, starting from the basic ones to the most expensive brands. The overall model of the business is based on the value of a product and thus it emphasizes it more than the branding, packaging, or quick delivery to the buyers.

And all of these items are available at exceptionally low prices (Ex- Earphones at USD 0.5-1 to name a few). Even when it comes to the variety of items, you can also find some funny ones, like spooky faces, fake fingers, etc. With all of these, its net evaluation stands at USD 8.5 billion for 2020 and now it is operational in more than 130 nations around the globe.

The Reason for such low prices on Wish.com

The primary reason for such low prices to even the most expensive brands and products on this forum is the location of the network of sellers. Wish ships out its products from the sellers that are based out majorly in China.

And everyone is aware of the cheap labor costs and policies in China. Thus, it gives the sellers leverage to locally produce those expensive items, price them quite low and then ship directly to the Wish warehouses. It prevents the former from setting up any physical stores and bearing the overhead costs related to those.

Is it safe to buy from Wish?

This question can be answered from two aspects as below:

  1. If you are interested to know about the overall website security and data privacy, then the website is reliable like the other e-commerce sites. It requires the buyers to open up individual accounts and then offer tracking numbers to keep an eye on the orders.
  2. But if you are interested to know about the quality of the products, it is a questionable affair. It also depends on the category that you are buying out. When it comes to buying some basic stuff like clothes or small-time accessories, you may give a try to it and experiment with a certain degree of risk.

When it comes to buying electronics items, then kindly reconsider the same. Such items should never be compromised in terms of quality or performance over the pricing.

So, in a crisp, the safety depends upon what is the user expecting to buy.

Is Wish Legit and Reliable?

Yes, Wish is legit and has its domain registered like the other e-commerce websites. Any disputes related to the orders can easily be filed under the courts of law.

When it comes to reliability, it completely depends on the category of products that are to be purchased. If you are planning to create some fun out of the spooky items available, then you can go for it. But if the product is something that has long-term usage, then it would be very risky to go for the purchase. (Refer to the unboxing videos on Youtube to gain further insights).

Irritating things

The following are two of the most irritating things when it comes to buying from Wish:

  1. The delivery period is way too high when compared to other e-commerce websites. It can range from 2 weeks to more than a month. (But this is something that is already given in terms and conditions of the forum).
  2. The number of ads for weird products is quite high and their frequency of pop-up on the customer’s screen is very notorious. All of this results from the algorithm of the website, that smartly does not provide any product link directly and thus asks the buyers to visit the website for further information.

Tips to Shop on Wish.com

The following are some of the handy tips that would aid you on the overall website and even help you in considering the decision of buying something out of Wish.com:

  1. Keep an eye on the reviews of the products and do not ignore them even if the cost is something that supports your pocket.
  2. Always keep track of the order and ensure its transit. Owing to its very high shipping time, there might be risks of the products not even reaching after months.
  3. Read the descriptions available carefully and match the same with the reviews. There might be chances of misnomers in it.
  4. Go for the size chart carefully and then select the products as per it.
  5. Smartly choose the stuff that you want to buy and stay away from the scams that often generate in the e-commerce world.

With this, we conclude on our take of wish.com. Share your experiences with the platform on our comments section and also let us know in case of further queries. Till then, stay safe and keep surfing our channel for more of such blogs.


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