How to Use Zoom on Chromebook ?

The common saying of ‘Modern problems requires modern solution’ is slowly getting true due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19.

With the concept of social distancing gaining enough momentum, various of the video conferencing apps are gaining the limelight for regular office meetings or familiar get-togethers. One such platform is Zoom and the very reason for its popularity is the versatility of use on different platforms like laptops and mobiles.

However, video conferencing on Chromebook via Zoom has often been gauged as a challenge by many and so here I am to guide you on using it on Chromebook.

Clearing the misconception : Does Zoom Work on Chromebook ?

Though the popularity of Zoom app on Android and Laptops is known, often doubts are raised on the fact ‘does zoom work on chromebook?’ The answer is yes and you can seamlessly use it on the platform.

But, there would be some features missing over here when compared with the apps installed in mobiles and laptops. For example, you would miss out on the customizable background in the call while using zoom on a chromebook.

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Steps for installing Zoom App on Chromebook

Before beginning, please ensure that your Google account is connected to the Chrome Store. To start your experience with Zoom on a laptop Chromebook, please follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome browser and visit the Chrome Web Store. This is the repository for many extensions and applications like video call apps for chromebook.
  2. On the top-left side, search for Zoom and click enter.
  3. Go to the option shown below that is offered by
  4. Click on Add to Chrome to initiate the process of zoom app download for chromebook.
  5. A dialog box appears to ask for permission and mentions the requests that the application seeks from the user.
  6. Click on Add app and wait for the process to get completed.
  7. A notification would pop up saying that the Zoom video call on chromebook has been successfully added.
  8. Redirect to the app launcher and click on the Zoom app.
  9. The next screen would show a dialogue box asking to either Join a meeting or Sign In.
  10.  Create a new account using Sign in option or directly enter the meeting link to get connected.
  11. Join the meeting and test for your camera and microphone to have a seamless experience.

Thus, with this, your doubt on how to call people on Chromebook via Zoom is resolved.

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The functionality : Zoom App for Chromebook

As an icing on the cake, now you can also enjoy Zoom meetings on the Chromebook of your Android. As you got to know how to record a zoom meeting on Chromebook, the functionality of the same is more or less similar to that of the Android app counterpart.

Apart from the part of customizing background, you can freely create a meeting, join the audio or video, view participants, control the screen share, and other options provided by the platform. And thus, the cloud of doubts on ‘can you use zoom on a chromebook?’ gets cleared.

On a concluding note, Zoom is a reliable platform from both the points of view of an Android/Laptop app as well as a Chromebook video calling app. If you are looking for best video calling apps for Android phone, here is the article where we have covered all the updated apps information.

So, make the maximum use out of it and ensure the same productivity and enjoyments that you had before the pandemic. Don’t forget to share this blog on ‘how to zoom in on Chromebook’ with your near ones and do hit the comments section in case of further doubts or issues.


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